Morin Chablis (12 per case)

 Located in the north of Burgundy, in Yonne department, the appellation stretches over 3,400 hectares around 20 communes covering the hillsides along the Serein river. The vineyard enjoys an exceptional geological situation inherited from the Jurassic era, more precisely the Kimmeridgean era (150 million years ago). Its main characteristic, which gives Chablis wines its unique taste, consists in deposits of tiny oysters (exogyra virgule) that remained when the sea withdrew from the place.



Light gold with sometimes green hues 


Fresh, lively and mineral. We can find intense aromas of fruits (white-fleshed or citrus), of flowers (acacia), of butter or spices


Dry with a perfect finish. A unique personality easily recognizable.


The juice is delicately extracted by a long pneumatic pressing. That ensure a juice of hight quality thanks to homogeneous extraction, safeguarding grapes integrity. Then it’s settled by natural decanting, also called static clarification. Alcohol fermentation is carried out in a stainless steel tanks under controlled temperatures (18 to 20°C) to preserve the fineness and the freshness of the Chardonnay. Once, when malolactic fermentation ends – in January - the wine is left to age in oak barrel and on fine lees for 6 months, with softs lees stirring to bring fullness and complexity to the wine


Try it with fatty fish (salmon or Bluefin tuna) or with poultry meat. It will perfectly match with asian or exotic food. It harmonizes well with goat cheeses, as well as Beaufort, Comté or with matured cheddars.

Variety: Chardonnay
Region: Chablis
Alcohol: 13 %
Bottle Size: 750ml
Case Size: 12 pack

Morin Chablis (12 per case)