Buller Wines Fortified Fine Old Muscat 750ml (6 per case)


Deep sienna brown colour with olive hue. Lifted nose, with aroma of honey, ripe raisins, hints of toffee and fine old brandy spirit. The palate is rich with luscious honeyed raisin flavours dominant, followed by a layer of spice and orange rind. Clean finish, with long aftertaste of honey, raisins, toffee and orange marmalade.


Redish Amber.


Raisins and chocolate.


Flavours of raisins and chocolate.


Our muscat is harvested between 16-18 Baumé. It is fortified on skins and then left on skins for 5 days. It is then pressed off and stabilised for heat and cold. Filtered then barrelled down.


An evening is just not complete without a glass of our Fine Old range after dinner. It can be the Tokay, the Muscat or the Tawny. The Muscat is perfectly acceptable to drink on its own, but makes a nice accompaniment to chocolate brownies with lashings of double cream.

Variety: Muscat
Region: Rutherglen, VIC
Alcohol: 18%
Bottle Size: 750ml
Case Size: 6 pack

Buller Wines Fortified Fine Old Muscat 750ml (6 per case)