The Sabre

The Sabre is our weapon of choice to conquer new flavours and pleasures. The style of London Dry Gin is a citrus collision combining native Australian botanicals, like the exotic Lemon Myrtle and Wattleseed, to perfectly blend with Juniper.

The Sabre is the perfect gin for explorers looking for a new world appreciation of finely crafted gin.


The Cutlass

The Cutlass is a rare find. As a New World Gin, its special blend combines the traditional Juniper with some unique Australian treasures such as Cinnamon Myrtle and Native Bush Tomato. Enjoy your bounty and take this secret to your grave.

The Cutlass is a gin for seasoned adventurers who are familiar with the wild intricacies and vast possibilities of finely crafted gin.


The Broadside Navy Strength

We present you the boldest of the fleet, the Broadside – Navy Strength Gin, made to honour the most brazen, aggressive and fearless of naval war tactics. Its firepower comes from the delicious Sea Parsley seasoned with Margaret River sea salt.

Back in the day, Gin was often stored below deck with the gunpowder and we know that when all guns are blazing, it’s hard not to spill a little gin here and there. So, they crafted The Broadside at 58% to keep the crew’s spirits up, and just in case a little is spilled on our gunpowder, the guns will still fire.

product-200ml Box Set

Triple Gift Pack

Triple the fun with this gift pack! Contains 3x 200ml bottles, one of each of The Sabre, The Cutlass and The Broadside Navy Stength. The perfect gift and taster for gin lovers and enthusiasts.

product-G&T Can

Gin and Tonic Cans

This is not just any G&T in a can, this is premium West Winds Gin mixed with tonic in a can! This thirst quenching goodness is perfect for your next picnic or party. 24 pack.