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Alex Russell Wines produce award winning alternative and cool climate varietal wines in South Australia's Riverland region and Pipers River Tasmania.

Alex Russell Wines is directed by award-winning winemaker and viticulturist Alex Russell. With a wealth of experience in the industry, both locally and internationally, Alex’s motivation to create the best possible product have resulted in a diverse range of alternative wines.


alejandro are premium alternative varietal wines, including many lesser known varieties of Italian, Spanish and Iberian origin. Alejandro (Ali-hand-ro) is a Spanish name, derived from ancient Greek, meaning 'the man who repels enemies'. While the pronunciation of the name is a challenge, varieties within this range defies all conventions.

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The expansion of Alex Russell Wines to Tasmania made for new hunting grounds. Cazadora represents an up and coming range of high end Tasmanian varietal wines produced from family estate grown fruit in the Pipers River region North of Launceston.

In stark contrast to the mainland, this quaint island of Tasmania can boast grass that stays green all year round all summer, which makes it the envy of many mainland winemakers. Wines from Pipers Brook are exceptionally lively with natural raciness and delicacy. Here ripening is slow and sure as any vintner could hope for, and flavour correspondingly intense.

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Franca's Vineyard

Franca’s Vineyard produces classic, approachable wines for the discerning crowd - wine with integrity and a welcoming nature. Borne of necessity, Franca’s has blossomed into a true venture unto its own with outstanding wines made with the familiar intensity and confidence that has made our winemakers some of the most accoladed in their field.

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Son of a Bull

Son of a Bull are premium Tasmanian varietal wines. Son of a Bull is the brainchild of a bull at a gate - it’s fresh frisky and impulsive. This ‘live for the moment’ wine is for drinking at a young age - no cellaring required.

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